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Middle School Global Education Guides

Middle School Global Education Guides



Kim Wells South Carolina English Language Arts Boiling Springs Middle School 2017 - Peru
Diana Newell Massachusetts Spanish West Middle School 2017 - Peru
Cass Didier Nebraska Spanish Wahoo Public Schools 2017 - Peru
Sarah Carrola Texas  ELL Whittier Middle School  2017 - Indonesia
Jacqueline Carrero Florida ESOL Driftwood Middle School 2017 - Indonesia
Jennifer Henderson Illinois English Sayre Language Academy 2016 - Philippines
Christa Calkins New York English Campbell-Savona Jr./Sr. High School 2016 - Morocco
Molly Rennie New Mexico English Sandia Preparatory School 2016 - Morocco
Lucinda Gaddis Georgia Spanish Miller Grove Middle School 2016 - India
Kathreen Harrison Maine French St. George School 2015 - Morocco
Ana Siqueira Florida Spanish St. Pauls School 2015 - India
Gail Heard Virginia ELL/ESL/ESOL Buford Middle School 2014 - Philippines
Krista Fiabane Maryland English Julius West Middle School 2014 - Philippines
Roma Stutts South Carolina Spanish Sullivan Middle School 2014 - Philippines
Jennifer Nekolny Illinois ELL/ESL/ESOL Jefferson Junior High School 2014 - India
Lindsay Taylor Arizona IB Language A Summit Academy 2014 - Brazil
Carrie Ezzell Florida Spanish The Bolles School 2014 - Brazil
Joanne Clyde Virginia ELL/ESL/ESOL George Washington Middle School 2013 - Russian Federation
Carolyn Geraci Texas English Pin Oak Middle School 2013 - India
Sarah Shutt New York English Campbell-Savona Jr./Sr. High School 2013 - Colombia
Renata Germino Virginia ELL/ESL/ESOL Buford Middle School 2013 - Colombia


Social Studies

Ashley Solesbee North Carolina  Advanced  Neal Middle School 2017 - Morocco
Julia Schuster  Tennessee General  St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School 2017 - India
Guy Hamlin Maine General Troy Howard Middle School 2017 - Indonesia
Anita Benedix Pennsylvania General Southern Lehigh Middle School 2015 - Senegal
Stephen Blan Texas General Fort Worth Country Day 2015 - Georgia
Sandra Brown Florida General Apollo Middle School 2014 - India
Kellie Carter Massachusetts General RJ Grey Junior High School 2014 - Georgia
Jennifer Chavez-Miller New Mexico General Mountain Mahogany Community School 2013 - Colombia
Matthew Cottone Michigan General Van Hoosen Middle School 2016 - Indonesia
Hilary Estes California General Magnolia Science Academy 8 Bell 2015 - Philippines
Kimberly Gilman Kansas General Hocker Grove Middle School 2015 - India
Christopher Heffernan Illinois General Jefferson Junior High School 2015 - Colombia
Amy Heritage-McDonald Washington General Sequoyah Middle School 2014 - Morocco
David Hilton Maine General Lyman Moore Middle School 2015 - Philippines
Kevin Jones New York General KIPP Academy Middle School 2014 - Philippines
Angela Madsen Nebraska General Westside Middle School 2014 - Georgia
Sandra Makielski Lindstrom Rhode Island General Davisville Middle School 2014 - Philippines
Kelly Mayer Virginia General George Washington Middle School 2014 - Morocco
Wendy Morales New Jersey General Bayshore Middle School 2015 - Georgia
Heather Sobek Michigan General Legg Middle School 2015 - Philippines
Megan Stevenson North Carolina General Grey Culbreth Middle School 2015 - Georgia
Samantha McMillan California General Leonard Herman Intermediate School 2016 - Philippines
Kimberly Scher New York General Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School 2015 - Colombia
Lynda Schiff California General McKenzie Jr High 2013 - Ghana
Alondria Bowie Louisiana SHistory Einstein charter schools 2016 - India
Dana Van Tilborg New Mexico History South Valley Academy 2013 - Colombia
Shelley Stolitza Washington Language Arts Aki Kurose Middle School 2014 - Brazil


Bryan Dickinson New Mexico Math South Valley Academy  2017 - Colombia
Regan Moore South Carolina Science Irmo Middle School 2017 - Indonesia
Sandra Lins Colorado Math Place Bridge Academy  2017 - India
Stephanie Mcbride-Bergantine Montana Math Chief Joseph Middle School 2013 - Philippines
Ursula Lovings New York  Math All City Leadership Secondary School 2016 - Indonesia
Melissa Nadeau Hawaii  Math Leeward District 2014 - India
Kathleen Schaeffer Nevada Mathematics Bob Miller Middle School 2015 - India
Suzanne Banas Florida Science South Miami Middle Community School 2014 - Brazil
Shiona Drummer Georgia Science Rutland Middle School 2015 - Senegal
Renee Fudala Massachusetts Science STEM Academy 2015 - Georgia
Shane Heath Vermont Science Northfield Middle High School 2015 - India
Kevin Tambara California Science Bert Lynn Middle School 2014 - India
Angelo Laskowsky Hawaii Science Highlands Intermediate School 2016 - Philippines
Lisa Caswell Ohio Technology Perrysburg Junior High School 2014 - Brazil
Craig Hendrick Indiana Science  Perry Meridian Academy 2016 - Indonesia
David Black Utah Science & Technology American Academy of Innovation 2016 - Indonesia


Robyn Doyle Pennsylvania Arts Propel Montour 2014 - India
Joseph Smith Vermont Music Milton Middle School 2015 - Georgia


Deanna D'Onofrio New York Exploration MS 447 - The Math and Science Exploratory School 2015 - India
Amanda Marchand California Library & Media Emerson/Da Vinci Junior High School 2013 - Philippines
Jennifer Kelly Louisiana Migrant Education Union Parish Junior High School 2016 - Indonesia
Felicia Alexander New Jersey Special Education Melvin H. Kreps Middle School 2013 - Morocco
Tiffany Kaijage District of Columbia Special Education Friendship Chamberlain PCS 2015 - Philippines
Christopher Meglan Illinois  Special Education Percy Julian Middle School 2016 - India
Linda Rummell Alabama Special Education Liberty Park Middle School 2015 - Georgia