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Specialists' Global Education Guides

Specialists' Global Education Guides

Library & Media Studies

Tracy Hubbard Illinois Dr. Bessie Rhodes School of Global Studies 2016 - India
Michelle Carton Alaska Tudor Elementary 2016 - Morocco
Anne Mlod New York Genesee Elementary School 2015 - Philippines
Cathy Collins Massachusetts Sharon High School 2013 - Morocco
Amanda Marchand California Emerson/Da Vinci Junior High School 2013 - Philippines

Special Education

Alexandra O'Callaghan Illinois John Spry Elementary School 2014 - Philippines
Sherri Anderson Colorado Gunnison High School 2013 - Colombia
Delphine Fawundu New York Eagle Academy for Young Men of Harlem 2015 - Colombia
Kimberlee Goldsmith   Daegu High School 2015 - Colombia
Sonja Kosanovic Illinois Leyden High School District 212 2016 - Senegal
Michael Miller New York Information Technology High School 2014 - Morocco
Christian Smith Illinois Mather High School 2015 - India
Felicia Alexander New Jersey Melvin H. Kreps Middle School 2013 - Morocco
Tiffany Kaijage District of Columbia Friendship Chamberlain PCS 2015 - Philippines
Christopher Meglan Illinois Percy Julian Middle School 2016 - India
Linda Rummell Alabama Liberty Park Middle School 2015 - Georgia


Deanna D'Onofrio New York Exploration MS 447 - The Math and Science Exploratory School 2015 - India
Peter Clark California Global Education St. Margaret's Episcopal School 2014 - Georgia
Jennifer Kelly Louisiana Migrant Education Union Parish Junior High School 2016 - Indonesia